We are happy to announce that ColorTec has now commissioned

As planned, on October 31, 2019, Colortec has commissioned its colour coated line with an annual production capacity of 60 thousand t. per year. The factory plans to employ more than a 100 people and therefore will be one of the largest business in the region!

Andriy Baganich, Executive director:

«ColorTec is a new dynamic and high-tech enterprise. This will be the first and only Colour Coating Line (CCL) in Hungary, which we are very proud of.

The plant was commissioned in October 2019, but was already able to successfully launch production from March earlier this year.

Our business combines the finest equipment and materials, and attracts professional personnel along with modern processes. This set up will allow us to quickly reach full capacity and satisfy the needs of our consumers in Hungary and beyond! »

In line with all EU standards, ColorTec delivers products of European quality at record speed. The flexibility of the line also allows us to fulfil both large and small non-standard customer orders. For prices and delivery times, please contact our sales department.

Your new partner in pre-painted steel!


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