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ColorTec is a modern company which follows the development of the market in its segment, searching for the new trends, demands, innovations.

Due to the high level of attention to the requests from our customers and their satisfaction, we are constantly expanding our range of polymer coatings, as well as the list of our raw material suppliers who are the best in their business. And now Salchi Metalcoat S.r.l., company from Italy, which is one of the major manufacturers of paints for coil-coatings, has become one of our partners.

Salchi Metalcoat S.r.l. Is a manufacturer with more than 80 years of experience in the market of industrial paints for metal, glass, plastic packaging, for aluminum pipes and roll coatings.

With a new supplier, ColorTec extended the list of products, adding a new type of wooden pattern coating available for ordering, thus meeting increasing customers’ demands. ColorTec, together with Salchi Metalcoat S.r.l., are pleased to offer you a wide range of shades imitating wood texture – from light to dark oak, encouraging more creative ideas. Wall cladding made of this material will emphasize the unique and distinctive character of any construction project.

Same as before, we follow the modern trends and keep focusing on new textures, colors and effects, thus contributing into effective long-term cooperation in the market.

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